Welcome to our Bold and Beautiful Events Page. The BBWS is a Program of Inspiration 4 Life. This is where you will find all of our great events we will be doing all year long through our wonderful and inspiring Organization. Our Events are put together by the Teamwork of Women and Men of the BBWS, Inspiration 4 Life and our BBWS Queen. Our goal is to raise funds for the Resilience Initiative of San Antonio Scholarship Program for our Student Ambassadors and Student Volunteers, to help further their Education. They are very deserving for all of their hard work they put in for Community Service in San Antonio.

Our monthly luncheons are back! We will also be having Girls Night Out, Workshops, Awards Recognition, Tea Time Party Gatherings and so much more. We will also be having our “Express Yourself” gatherings. These are a more intimate setting type of event, where we can share powerful stories and bring out our talents. These gatherings really bring out the best in all of us. Our very first Tea Party and Luncheon, along with other special Events we had from the beginning and we saw how it really helped make a difference in many lives. The rest is History!