A Story of Friendship

This picture is a beautiful reminder of how friendship culminates and how women come together through perfect timing. I met Rita Hernandez one year ago through my volunteer work as Marketing Chair for the Walk Like MADD 5K for 2012 and as The San Antonio Socialista blogger. Anna Quesada another hero of mine and leader of Christian Women Small Business referred me to promote the walk on Rita’s Inspiration 4 Life Radio station. So I did. I was completely nervous and when I met Rita for the first time, I was thrown in a Live radio show. I was handed some headphones and a mic and nervous as heck Rita some how made the guest speakers comfortable with her radio voice and heart felt questions about our passions. It was soon after I met her at our favorite spot in Southtown Madhatters, that our friendship began. We joined forces for the better of our community to raise awareness on healthy living in all aspects of life.

Together we bonded through our “heart of gold” which happens to be Inspiration 4 Life’s tag line. I was moved by her story, her passion, her dedication and the same love she had for friendship, God, family and community. Although we have completely different walks of life as you can tell in this picture we are both women looking to have fun and looking to meet new friends to add to our photo album of smiles in our life journey. This picture is just one of our pictures we have added to our memory book and in one year we have added many pictures just like this one. We have the same hope for you and for all who join the Bold & Beautiful Women’s Society to build a photo album of smiling faces of friendship.

We felt driven to spread the love and the healing that so many women need. Whatever life brings your way we can always be your ear to listen, the arms to hug, the heart to pray and the place to come together to find healing as we need every day. We want to recognize survivors, empower through life changing stories, provide you with resources and ultimately fund your specific needs. We are a welcome mat waiting for you to join. Both Rita and I as well as our board members always look to help make your situation better, to give you the best advice, to help you succeed, to help you feel more beautiful so you can be bold in the world! It is our mission to dedicate ourselves to making BBWS your exact expectations to rely on friendship, healing and love.

Join us September 12, 2013 at Craftiques Mall & Garden Tea Lounge at 11:30am for our Bold & Beautiful Women’s Society Luncheon. Purchase tickets at www.whatszappening.com.

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